Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Packers are 7-0, So Why Am I Worried?

I struggled this week, trying to think of something to write about.  I mean it's the bye week, the team is undefeated, what's to worry about? Well, I did some thinking and I did some thinking and I found two things I'm going to be concerned about for the rest of the season. First, there are a lot of losable games left on the schedule (Detroit x2, Chicago, @ the New York Giants, and of course @ the Chargers next Sunday). I'm also worried about the amount of yardage the defense has been giving up.

Yes, I know I said the Packers would go undefeated this year, but I think every game left on on the schedule except for the Vikings game in two weeks are losable. As we get further into the season every game becomes a trap game in my opinion. There's not a lot of separation of talent in the NFL. Every player in the NFL is a great athelete so if a team gets overconfident or complacent they are in trouble. I don't think the Packers have as much of a problem with this as most teams, but I still worry. Will Aaron Rodgers find another perceived slight to drive him? Will Mike McCarthy keep finding material to keep the rest of the team fired up? Does Dom Capers have the game plan to solve the problems on defense? Can the team continue to stay relatively healthy?

With the way the defense has been giving up yards (27th in the league at 391 YPG), I think I have reason to worry. Give a team like the Giants 424 yards of net offense and they will put up a lot more than the 3 points the Rams did. I don't think the Packers can continue with this bend but don't break philosophy. The Packers only have one more rookie QB on the schedule this year (poor Christian Ponder), so it won't be as easy to cause turnovers and keep points off the board. The defense has to improve on their run stopping. Green Bay's D is 14th against the run, but it's deceptive. Opposing rushers are averaging 4.6 yards per carry against the Packers. It really puts pressure on the offense to keep putting points on the board and force the opponents to put the ball in the air. If the offense sputters for a whole game like it did in the 2nd half against the Rams, I don't think the defense will hold up.

Finally today, with the injury to Alex Green I think the Packers need to think about claiming Tashard Choice who was waived by the Dallas Cowboys earlier today. I know he's been fighting a couple injuries himself the past few weeks, but when healthy he can be a difference maker. With both James Starks and Ryan Grant having some injury issues in the past, I don't think you can trust them enough to go through the rest of the season with only two pure running backs.

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  1. I agree. If you had a chance to listen to WSSP 1250 yet you will hear that guys feel the Packers are on a level all by themselves with the rest of the league in second looking up. I agree when it comes to Rodgers and the offense but not this defense. I thought to myself if GB ever scores under 25 points we will lose well we did but the Rams only scored 3. I fear a shootout loss in the playoff or during the season like what happen in Arizona. I don't think you can expect the offense to always put up 28+ points every week.
    With that said I hope Capers and maybe some healthier guys can come up with a pass rush and turn this defense around. So if needed we can get that 17-14 win.