Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Ted, Just Say No to Tebow.

When the news came out that Peyton Manning had signed with the Broncos a new question started getting asked. Where will Tim Tebow end up? At first everyone thought it would be one of the Florida teams, since he's from there and with both Miami and Jacksonville struggling to sell out at times, it makes sense (my guess in Miami because Ireland and Ross keep striking out and they need to do something in the offseason). Tebow brings a huge fan base. Tebow would put butts in the seats. So I assume he'll go to one of those two teams and head to sleep.

I woke up this morning and didn't think anything of it. Got in the car and turned the radio on to find that Skip Bayless was on Mike and Mike. Ugh. Couldn't listen so I changed the channel. I guess it should have been an omen. Then I get to work and see that Green Bay is being discussed as a landing spot for Tebow. I laughed it up. But then fan bloggers that I like and agree with most of the time started talking about how they could see Tebow in Green and Gold. I've had enough

There are three reasons why I don't want Tebow in a Packers uniform. First, he's not accurate passing the ball and that is essential to the Packers offense. He's had several years to work on his accuracy and throwing motion. If it's not fixed by now, it won't be getting better.

Second, I don't think you should have a back up QB who can't run your offense and I can't see Tebow running an offense anything like what the Packers run. Sure, Packers fans have been spoiled in this regard over the past several seasons. We've had Matt Hasselback, Mark Brunell, Aaron Brooks, Aaron Rodgers and most recently Matt Flynn backing up our starting QBs. That's quite a haul and I know better than to expect the next backup QB to be as good as any of those guys. But he has got to at least be able to run the base offense. The Broncos had to vastly simplify their offense last year when Tebow became the starter. While it worked, I don't see it working if Aaron Rodgers misses a quarter due to injury or even a game or two during a season.

The third and biggest reason is I'm scared what would happen if Rodgers had a bad game or two. How many INTs before Tebow fans start clamoring for him to start? A 2 game losing streak? A 2 pick game? What would it take? We watched it play out on national TV last year. I think it would happen sooner than people think. Skip Bayless would be after McCarthy to put Tebow in after Rodgers 1st incompletion. Tebow would bring a huge contingent of fans that would expect Tebow to take over quickly as well. While I have faith that a large core of fans would stick by Rodgers, I'm scared that it would bring about a rift in the fan base and quickly as well.

So please Ted, just say no to Tebow.