Saturday, October 8, 2011

I'm Not Worried About Atlanta and I'm Over Brett Favre

So there's a big game this week. It's a rematch of the divisional playoff game last year that saw the Packers roll the Atlanta Falcons 48-21. I thought that game was Aaron Rodgers best as a pro. He was 31-36 for 366 yards with 3 TDs and he added a rushing TD as well. I say thought, because I think Rodgers bested it against the Broncos last week with his 6 total TD performance. With the way the game went last year and the way the offense is leading the league in scoring, I'm not scared at all by the Falcons D. I don't think another 40 point game is out of the question.

All the same, at the beginning of the year I saw this as one of the few losable games on the schedule. Michael Turner scares the crap out of me. He's one of the few real bruising running backs left in the league and I think his running style can give the Packers D fits. Matty Ice and the Falcons receiving core can put points on the board as well. This game had me very concerned right up until I looked at the injury report for the Falcons as saw that their starting center Todd McClure is still out for the game. He sets the tone for their running game. Without him their are one dimensional, I think the Packers D can handle a one dimensional team without concern. My prediction: Packers 45 - Falcons 24.

This is hard for me. I loved watching Favre play. I think he was great and he was great for a long time. He holds a ton of records and I'd have him in my top 5 QBs all time. I started thinking it was time for him to retire after the 4th and 26 game. I still have nightmares of the INT he threw to Brian Dawkins in OT. Even though I started feeling like it was time, I still loved the guy. I mean he's Brett Freaking Favre, how can you not like him, right? He's just out there having fun! Then he finally retired from the Packers and things really started falling apart. I hated how he ended up in Minnesota by retiring and then unretiring to get around the conditions of his trade to the Jets. No one can forget a few choice texts and voicemails he sent to a then Jets staffer. Beyond that, I really didn't he said or did enough to thank the Packers fans for all the years in GB. The Fan base worshipped him there. A lot still do. When Favre left there was a rift between some fans.

Then came the interview and all the words I took to be condescending.  I know he'll get his number retired at some point. I know he'll be welcomed back to Green Bay by the team and probably a lot of the fans. And I don't care. At this point I'm ready to put my rookie cards on Ebay and move on. I'm over you Brett Favre.


  1. I'm not sure anyone that isn't a GB fan actually likes Favre at this point. Pretty sad that a guy can fall off like that. Kinda like LeBron James in a way.

  2. So, like a said, this was a high scoring shootout and never in doubt...