Tuesday, October 18, 2011

So I went to a Football Game Last Week.

I won more Championships than Lombardi!
Saturday morning came and I still couldn't believe it was happening. I WAS GOING TO GREEN BAY! You see, some twitter friends of mine at Pocket Doppler and Cheesehead TV had set up a little get together called #throwbackweekend. It was going to be epic and I had managed to talk my wife into letting me go (thank you honey I owe you huge). It would be my 4th game overall and my first game in Lambeau. Nicole and the kids dropped me off at the airport bright and early at 5AM. While I waited for the plane to Chicago I met a fellow Packers fan who was taking the same flight to Appleton as I was. We chit chatted and both of our wives had to call for directions home due to a highway closure. We had a good laugh at that and enjoyed each other's company through an uneventful flight into Chicago. My back and hip didn't much care for the mile we had to walk to get our connecting flight, but they ended up coming through with flying colors. Every minute closer I got to Green Bay I got exponentially more excited. I'm sure by the time we landed in Appleton the excitement was dripping out my pores.

I still can't believe I met Tom Crabtree. What an epic night.
I wasn't lying when I tweeted about crying as I drove by Lambeau for the first time. I can't describe the feeling to see it. To know that the next day I'd be inside that stadium, rooting my Packers on. I drove the rest of the way to the motel and checked into the room I'd be sharing with fellow Throwback Weekender Thad Collins. After a quick nap I made my way out. I met up with a bunch of my twitter friends. Then it was off to the Abbey for the official Tweet up. Everyone who was anyone was there including Packer fan icon Aunt Gert and tight end Tom Crabtree. He's smaller than I thought and bigger than I thought, all at the same time and even nicer than you'd think. Which is amazing because going in I knew he was a great guy. My son can't wait to hang his Crabtree autographed poster on the wall. I ended up staying out later than I planned to but it was well worth it.

Me and the man, the myth, the John Rehor (BUNNY EARS!)
Sunday morning was awesome. I tailgated with all my new friends and even got to wave to my wife and kids thanks to Corey Behnke's livestream of the event on Cheeseheadtv.com. I hung out more with my twitter friends and then it was time to make my way to the stadium. I walked there with PD Angel (and my most favoritest person that I know in Idaho) Colleen and her wonderful hubby Brad. The lines to get in were long but nothing nightmarish like we heard about from the Broncos game. I got into the stadium with about a half hour to go before game time so I took a while to walk around and really just try to take it all in. I was really there. I was in Lambeau Field. The Frozen Tundra. I stopped at a concession stand to get some food and a soda and made my way to my seat. I'm amazed by just how nice everyone in Green Bay is. I sat down not knowing any of the fans around me. That lasted all of 30 seconds. Everyone around was interested in my story. Where I had come from to see the game? What did I think of Green Bay and the people? All too soon, it was time for the anthem.

Look Ma, I'm at the Packer game!
I loved the anthem at Sunday's game. A simple, respectful instrumental. In the stands you could hear people singing the words. Made me proud. Then you had the flyover, deafening in it's volume. Game. Time. Mason Crosby kicked off and things were rolling. I had a superstitious moment when the Rams attempted their first FG. I pulled the right sock and they missed! So, all of you who had 0 in the first quarter in your pools, you're welcome! Soon after was the first "Go Pack Go" chant of the game. I choked back a couple of tears of joy as I belted it out with everyone else. Just another one of the many moments where the fact that I was in heaven hit me. The game itself was decided pretty early on. The Rams were just too beat up to hang with our beloved Packers.

V Formation!
Six and Oh feels great to me but I know that the reals tests are still to come. I have to be honest. I don't remember much of the game. Jordy Nelson's long TD reception. Getting to see Donald Driver catch a TD pass. The bruising 4th down run from James Starks. My real memories from Lambeau are of the history and the people. High fiving complete strangers and being treated like one of the guys. Getting to see the Ring of Honor and the retired numbers up close. Getting to "Bang on the drum all day." Those are the things I brought home and don't ever want to forget.

To those of you who thought about coming to Throwback Weekend and didn't; WHAT WERE YOU THINKING? I can't wait for version 2.0. I don't know how, but I'm sure it will be even more amazing than the first. Thanks again to everyone who put so much work into putting the event together. I can't wait for next year!

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  1. 2nd attempt at posting, lost the first one.... Anyhow.. Love the blog! It's actually brought a tear to my eye thinking if my first time again. As you know in Dallas folks want to see Cowboy Stadium to be amazed by it's size and flash but in GB folks are just amazed because its Lambeau Field. I love it everytime I have been and on Nov 14th I will feel it again! It is really hard to explain the feeling. I have been 2 times with one buddy who is a due hard Cows fan, after his first trip (Dec 30th '08) while it was 17 degrees he said "man if I wasn't already a die hard Cowboys fan I would be a Packer fan after experience this!". It's just that kind of place.

    Thank you for sharing!