Sunday, September 11, 2011

Predicting the Packers Season Game by Game

Ok, so I may be a little late getting this one out, but here's my thoughts on all 16 games of the regular season.

Week 1 - Vs. the New Orleans Saints -  I think this will be a high scoring shootout. My prediction is the Packers pull out the win 42-34. Aaron Rodgers will be on fire but the defense will struggle. The game won't be over until the D has a goal line stand.

Week 2 - At the Carolina Panthers - I see the defense making every effort to confuse Cam Newton. I also see it working to the tun of 3 INTs. Newton had some success vs the Cardinals week 1, but I think the Packers defense is quite a bit stronger than the Cards. 35-14 Packers.

Week 3 - At the Chicago Bears - Ahhhhh, a rivalry renewed. I'd be a lot more scared of the Bears if Lovie didn't hate Matt Forte so much. He's their biggest weapon and they only gave him 16 carries. Were it not for him turning a screen play into a 56 yard touchdown I'd be able to make a Varsity Blues joke here. This game ends on a Rodgers INT to Urlacher. Rodgers catches him from behind, forces a fumble and runs it back for a TD. 20-17 Packers. 

Week 4 - Vs the Denver Broncos - I would have been a lot more concerned about this game if Tim Tebow were starting (/sarcasm). Knowshon doesn't scare me. Orton doesn't scare me. Von Miller and Elvis Dumervil scare me a bit. I'm guessing this will be a more run heavy game. 27-13 Packers.

Week 5 - At the Atlanta Falcons - Matty Ice sure melted against the Bears today. Michael Turner worries me though. He's big and he runs downhill. The Packers D has had a problem with big time RBs for a while now. But I really don't think any other offense will be able to keep up with the Packers O. 42-28 Packers.

Week 6 - Vs the St. Louis Rams - I will be at this game for #throwbackweekend. I can't wait to watch the greatest show on tundra run and throw all over the Rams D. I like Sam Bradford and Steven Jackson, I just don't think the Rams have a chance. 53-7 Packers.

Week 7 - At the Minnesota Vikings - Donovan McNabb? Really? Adrian Peterson could run for 220 on the Packers D but it wouldn't matter. McNabb will save the day. 33-17 Packers.

Week 8 - At Bye Week - The Packers are gonna kick the crap out of Bye Week.

Week 9 - At the San Diego Chargers - Did you watch the Chargers suck against the Vikings? I didn't know if was possible to suck that bad. Sure they won, but it was the Vikings. 56-3 Packers.

Week 10 - Vs the Minnesota Vikings - Ugh. I have to write something about the Vikings again already? I swear I already wrote something about the Vikings. Screw that. 40-7 Packers

Week 11 - Vs the Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Legarrette Blount will want to punch a Packer after this game. I actually think the Bucs are underrated. I think Blount is a good strong RB and I like Josh Freeman and the Bucs receiving core. However, Rhonde Barber is like 80 and I just can't see him or the rest of the Bucs D stopping the Packers passing attack.  28-17 Packers.

Week 12 - At the Detroit Lions - Suh is one man that does scare me. I worry that he'll break Aaron Rodgers. That would be bad. But I don't think he'll have a chance. I think this is another game where the running attack takes over. Detroit's strength is their passing game so I look for the Packers to play a bit of keep away. 31-0 Packers.

Week 13 - At the New York Giants - Eli Manning is ugly. 74-3 Packers.

Week 14 - Vs the Oakland Raiders - Al Davis is a Zombie. 69-12 Packers.

Week 15 - At the Kansas City Chiefs - Jamaal Charles is good. Not good enough to beat the Packers, but good. Hook 'em Horns! 42-14 Packers. (P.S. It would be nice if one of those touchdowns went to Dwayne Bowe. He's a good WR and Matt Cassel needs to stop ignoring him)

Week 16 - Vs the Chicago Bears - If the Packers lose a game this year, this is the one. The Bears will be fighting for the wild card. the Packers will have shut Rodgers down with home field advantage clinched. But it's the frozen tundra. It's Christmas. How could the Packers lose on Christmas? 24-14 Packers.

Week 17 - Vs the Detroit Lions - Happy New Year Packers fans! You start the new year off cheering for Matt Flynn and the 2nd string Green Bay Packers! Good thing it's just the Paper Lions. 27-10 Packers.

That's right, the Packers are going 16-0 in the regular season this year. Write it down, book it, guarantee it, do whatever it is you want to do with it.


  1. Haha love it!

  2. Wow! Your week 1 prediction was dead on! I think you may be psychic!!! 16-0 it is!! Go Pack GO

  3. You have the Packers winning by only 33 against the Vikings in week 10. What's wrong with you! The Pack are playing at home and should be favored by at least 50.

  4. You are wrong the Packers are going 19-0 and repeat as champs.

  5. I thought I'd wait for the playoffs before predicting the Packers to beat each team by 50.