Monday, September 2, 2013

Finally the QB2 Question Has an Answer, and I Like It

A lot has happened behind Aaron Rodgers over the past few days. The Packers have chosen the guy they want behind QB1 (at least for now) and it's not anyone that had spent time on the roster this preseason. It's Seneca Wallace. Wallace had supposedly retired from the 49ers Thursday morning according to Jim Harbaugh. Wallace refuted that report, saying that he left because the 49ers were just using him as leverage to get Colt McCoy to take a pay cut.

Let's take a look at how the Packers got to this point. It started with last year's backup Graham Harrell getting cut before the final preseason game. Harrell had not done anything this preseason to earn the job backing up at quarterback in Green Bay. Then, the assumed winner of the job Vince Young stunk up the joint in the final preseason game. B J Coleman didn't look much better. When the time came for Ted Thompson and the Packers to cut to the final 53, it looked like the decision had been made. B J Coleman was the last man standing, the Packers' 2013 QB2.

A lot of us fans were in shock. Don't lie, even if you are the most ardent TT believer, you had to chant "In Ted We Trust" about 1000 times before you were at peace with the fact that Coleman was the man that would take the reins of the vaunted Packers offense. And still, you weren't really at peace with it, you just shut up about it and learned to live with it. I'm the same way. Believe me. In fact, my first Twitter post after hearing the news?
Fast forward to this morning. The news dropped that Coleman had been let go and we had yet another QB2. This time though, I was happy to hear that it was Seneca Wallace standing behind Aaron Rodgers. I know there's still a lot of skepticism out there so I'll explain why I feel that way. First, Wallace has a proven track record in the NFL. Wallace has a career 59.2% completion percentage. His TD/INT ratio is 31/18.  He's also a very mobile guy, having run for several big gains in his career. Of course everyone will remember "The Run" from Wallace's time at Iowa State.

Not as many will remember the numerous times that Wallace was used as a WR on more than one occasion in Seattle with some success. I'm not saying that the Packers took him so he could be a 6th WR or anything. Just backing up the fact that he's mobile. His TD/INT ratio is also much better than that of Vince Young (46/51). So, while I still think the Packers would be in shambles were Aaron Rodgers to miss significant time, I think Seneca Wallace is a viable backup to get the team through a 2nd half if Rodgers gets hurt.

Once again, THE SKY IS NOT FALLING!!!1!!!

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