Friday, August 30, 2013

The Waiting Game is in Full Swing

I know that teams have until 5PM on August 31st but I just can't stand the wait to find out who makes the week one 53. Especially when depth seems to be such a concern this year after watching the 2nd and 3rd units struggle so much in the preseason. I'm starting to think that the Packers are looking over the early cuts for guys that they want to lay a claim on.

We already know that they brought in "Kickalicious" for a try out. My opinion on that is that it was a look see in case Mason Crosby struggles an any point in the season. With Crosby taking a pay cut I just can't see him not being the opening day kicker.

The Packers are also reportedly bringing Joe McKnight in for a try out. It's definitely a sign that the team is not sold on who they have to return kicks. McKnight is also a very versatile player which is something the team seems to be lacking right now in their depth.

One thing I'd like to see the team look for is another safety. With all the injuries they are really thin at the position. The DBs in general have struggled this preseason, but with Tramon back I'm not sure things won't start to clear up on the corners.

As far as the guys I'm rooting for to see on the final 53? I'd love to see Alex Green stay on the team. I think he's looked much more decisive when he's had his chances to run the ball. I'd also love to see Johnny Jolly complete his comeback and land in the D Line rotation. He's just so disruptive and his hands are always active, looking to swat passes (or pick them off) when he doesn't get penetration.

How do you think the cookie will crumble this year?

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  1. My friend @Hammen noted that the time was 5PM not noon so I've corrected that. Also, he says that Backup QB and O Line depth are the main holes he sees. I definitely agree on both. I'm just not sure who's out there that I'd rather see at QB. I think Vince Young can come into a game and win it but not sold at all if he's needed for more than a few quarters of play. On the O Line, I just don't think it's a place that the Packers are looking after hearing McCarthy saying he thought they were in a good place there.