Saturday, September 21, 2013

Toeing the Line When it Comes to Luck

I didn't have the opportunity to watch the game against Washington last week. That's ok, a son's little league tournament always takes precedence. Of course they offense tore Washington apart and Aaron Rodgers tied the Packers single game passing record. This presents a bit of a quandary. Do I believe in luck? Can I watch the game tomorrow?  Is it ok for a guy to think it's not ok to wash the jersey until the Packers lose a game while wearing it and at the same time ok to watch the game a week after you couldn't and the team set records?

I hope you guys will understand if I toe the luck line and watch the game in my dirty jersey. I just can't live more than a week without the Packers during football season. Heck, I wrote a blog last year about never watching another game after the Fail Mary debacle and didn't make it a week without giving in and watching the next game. Thinking about this brought a question to mind though. What do you do for game day?

I know someone who has to eat the exact same thing and have the same exact drinks, ordered at the exact same time every week. I know a lady who walks away from the TV at my favorite Packers bar in Portland (Hi PackerMom!) when the Packers struggle. She plays video poker until she loses to sacrifice her luck so the Packers can have it instead. I myself have Packers socks that I wear on game days. Socks that I pull on when the defense needs a big play. I wear them whether I'm alone at home or at a bar with friends and I'm sure as heck wearing them to TBW3 next month!

So, tell me folks, what are your little game day peccadilloes? What strange thing do you do to make sure luck is on the Packers side? I need to know so I can add a couple things to offset the bad luck I'm creating by watching tomorrow.

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  1. Always have to wear the same clothes, same jewelry, have the same stuffies on the table and I only use the left sock for the opponents missing field goals. I guess our defense could use some help...but does that lessen the impact on field goals?