Friday, August 19, 2011

Thoughts from the first half of the Packers/Cards Game

I sure hope the Packers use the no huddle more. It’s the only thing the first team has been successful with so far this preseason. They really seem sluggish coming out of the huddle for some reason. Then they go no huddle, Rodgers calls the right play every down and it’s an easy touchdown. I like the back shoulder fade.

I do worry that Rodgers will rely on Finley too much again this year.

Grant looks like he’s rounding into shape. Seemed slow at first, but he made a great cut and run during the TD drive. I think he’ll be ready for the regular season.

I’m concerned about the offensive line. Way too many sacks and pressures so far. Lang has looked better than Sherrod so far, but I’m still not comfortable with him protecting Rodgers.  I know it’s too early, but I wish they’d found a way to keep Colledge. 

ALEX GREEN! What a great cut on that screen play. He ran with good power to score the TD. He also has amazing hair. I can't wait to see what he says about his first Lambeau Leap.

I’m not happy with the run defense so far. Beanie Wells had way too many big runs in the first half. Dodged a bullet with CJ Wilson. Concussions are bad, but unless it’s severe he’ll be ready for the season opener. I have concerns about the backups at pretty much every position in the front 7. Definitely a thinner team up front in my opinion.

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