Sunday, August 28, 2011

On Wearing Jerseys

So, there was a commercial on tonight that compared wearing a jersey to a game was akin to wearing a cop uniform to watch Law and Order. It got me thinking. Am I crazy for wearing a jersey to support my team? Is it wrong that my wife and kids all have jerseys they enjoy wearing to root on the Packers? No, it’s not. It’s a great way to support your team. As my blog background photo makes obvious, I’m a jersey wearer. I own a total of four Packers jerseys; a white Charles Woodson, a green Jermichael Finley, a throwback Aaron Rodgers and a green Atari Bigby (he’ll be missed). I fully believe that the throwback Rodgers jersey and my playoff beard are a part of why the Packers won Super Bowl XLV. Don’t tell me otherwise because it won’t do any good. Because of this commercial, I started doing some internet searches to find out what the rest of the world thought about wearing jerseys to support your team. I found all kinds of lists and rules on how and when I can wear. Well, I think most of them are full of crap and it’s time to set them straight. Here are some of the “jersey rules” I found and what I think of them.

1. You cannot wear the jersey of a player no longer on the team unless they retired from the team or are in the HOF – This one I actually agree with for the most part. If you have a Favre jersey, you need to put it away until he gets his gold jacket.
2. Don’t wear your jersey in the offseason except on special days like draft day, etc. – I paid a lot of money for my jerseys; I’ll wear them whenever I want, thank you very much. Also, I’ve found wearing Packers gear makes it easy for friends to find me when we’re meeting up places.
3. Don’t tuck your jersey in and don’t buy the wrong size – These fashion rules are both valid. Jerseys just do not look good tucked in unless they’re on a player in the field. And as far as sizing goes, football jerseys are not flattering unless you’re wearing pads underneath. Remember they are designed to be worn over pads and that means the sizing will be different than what you’re used to. In other words, TRY IT ON.
4. You must buy only authentic jerseys. No replicas – This is another rule I just can’t understand. I can see making sure you’re buying a licensed replica jersey so it actually supports the team, but I don’t have the $275 to shell out for an authentic jersey.
5. Be original/Don’t go mainstream/Don’t buy the most popular player’s jersey – I get this, I really do. I have an Atari Bigby jersey. I got my Jermichael Finley jersey before he became a star. My next jersey will probably be a more obscure player. But I can’t hate on people for buying their favorite player’s jersey just because he’s popular. Will there be too many Rodgers and Matthews jerseys at Lambeau? I don’t think there’s any such thing. Besides, like I said before, it’s your money so buy whatever jersey you want. Just wear it with pride every game day and I’ll be a happy cheesehead. As long as you don’t hate on my throwback Randy Wright once I find it.

And finally, the silliest set of rules I’ve seen:

6. You’re not allowed to wear a jersey if you are over the age of 40 – This may be the dumbest thing I’ve heard in my life. What magically changes the day you go from 39 to 40? NOTHING. Not a damn thing and you can’t tell me otherwise. Senior citizens, feel free to wear your jersey with pride!

Did I miss any important jersey rules? Let us know!

And don't forget to vote in this weeks poll. I'm sad to say that Packer fans still like Brett Favre more than Lynn Dickey or Randy Wright.


  1. disagree with 1

    i agree that people shouldn't wear favre jerseys for the time being, but that's because of the circumstances under which he left...not because he's not with the team anymore...

    imo, if you want to wear your bigby jersey, that's totally fine

  2. Like this post!

    As for #1. I wore my Ahman Green jersey before he "officially" retired because I still considered him good packer people. I think he's the exception to the rule. It was also the only jersey I owned at the time. thought it beter to wear that than not wear a jersey at all. And as for buying real ones, totally agree! The Green jersey I'm talking about, I got from TJMaxx for under $10 because there was something wrong with the sizing. I still rock it today, and I don't care. :)

    And for the age limit, totally agree. Also, is there any thing more awesome than a little old lady in a Clay Matthews jersey? I think not :)

  3. Isn't it kind of ironic that you mention not wearing the most popular player's jersey and your pictured with your family in Aaron Rodger's jerseys?

  4. @Packerken To date, I don't own a #4 jersey...I might once he goes HOF. WRT "authentic"...BWHA HA HA...did the person who made up this rule work for the NFL or their supplier? I either wear a #97 game worn I bought in 1993 from the Pro Shop or a customized "#1, LaPointe"(yes, authentic, but I bought one for me and my dad for Christmas one year).

    My kids have outgrown their Favre jerseys and are now rockin' with Rogers. A/O now, I'd buy a Hawk before a Matthews because of being less popular.

    Onto my critique of the rules above...

    #1 No real opinion...if you paid a bazillion bucks and want to wear your Mandarich my guest (or Pat Hadel...). Also, for the quality fans and organization that is the Packers, do you mean Canton HOF or Packers HOF?

    #2 I don' kids do but these rules should only apply to individuals over the age of 18, unless they are Bears fans then they can't read anyway...

    #3 Agreed! See comment #2 regarding Bears fans.

    #4 Yeah, right. Unless the jersey is Packers, has the number 777 and the name on the back is "Jesus the Christ" I won't part with that much caysh without serious thought (and many nice bribes for my wife!)

    #5 Be true to yourself...if you are sporting Clifton, Finley, Woodson b/c you like it. If you are buying one to either be an "in" person OR just to be different...

    #6 PUH-LEEEZ! Agree with @Jayme above...I'd take a pic wit any little old lady wearing a Raji. In the words of an old commercial from Milwaukee...You bet your babushka mama!

    To close this tome...

    A. Ken...dude, awesome post and beautiful family (OK handsome in the case of "Mini-Ken"). I haven't seen jerseys like the one your wife and daughter are wearing. "Little bit's" almost looks like hospital scrubs.

    B. Another response to @Jayme and "cheap gear"...About 2 yrs ago, I was getting shoes for my younger boy and came across the sales rack and a pair of #7 Falcon colored Vicks. The price was $10! I took them to the register where someone questioned my sanity. I replied that I though Vick was used as political fodder and, at $5 a shoe, I was being frugal. My older son now wears them with pride.

    C. When my older boy got a #12 jersey from my mom for his birthday 3 years ago, I asked my wife "Where did she get a Lynn Dickey jersey?" A large portion of my life was spent watching Dickey, McCarren, etc. play. C' gotta love a guy who had to put his hands under "The Rock's" heiney and was the subject of "You can beat our Packers but you can't lick our Dickey"?

  5. "You can beat our Packers but you can't lick our Dickey"? Best. Line. Evar!

    I'm overwhelmed by the response to this!

    Bear Jew, I was actually refuting the rule about being unique.

  6. I agree with your opinion. I have 4 #4 jerseys that sit in a trash bag in the back of my guest room closet including a 3 inscription autographed one. And yes once he rocks the yellow jacket they will be set free. Also authentic? Hogwash! Last October I was in GB for the game against the Cows (loved it) I had a guy from craigslist meet me at my hotel and brought me a Woodson and Matthews jersey with their rookie cards for $40 each! Try that at

  7. During the season we have football jersey Friday at my job. I'm the only Packer fan but we have such a variety of fans the atmosphere of the place is great. Lots of "friendly" trash talk. I have 7 jerseys (8 if want to count the #4 buried in the back of my storage closet.) and a t-shirt with #90 and "The Freezer" as the nameplate. So the only rule I agree with is the tuck rule. #1 I adhere to it with out even realizing, but I wouldn't put someone else down for it.

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  9. So, my son's new gameday jersey has been purchased. Yes it was really his choice.

    Here's hoping the good juju get's Crosby's FG% over 80.