Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Four Things to Watch in the Packers Third Preseason Game.

Well, I did have five things to watch for in Friday’s game against the Colts, but with the news that Ryan Grant's contract was restructured earlier in the month we’re down to four. With all 2.5 million of the salary due to Grant being guaranteed I just can’t see him being cut this season. That doesn’t mean that Demitri Nance has no shot at making the team, although I do think it means that it won’t be at the expense of Ryan Grant. On to the four things…

How does T. J. Lang play after getting all the 1st team reps at LG in practice?

Earlier this week I said that LG was one of my biggest concerns for the Packers heading into the regular season. Soon after, it was announced that T. J. Lang would get all of the 1st team reps over Derek Sherrod. It will be interesting to see If Lang has a noticeable improvement over his performance in the game against Arizona. Here’s hoping the Line as a whole looks better

Chastin West and Tori Gurley on ST coverage.  Does either of them play well enough to earn a roster spot over Brett Swain?

I’ve made it known that I’m a Chastin West fan. I also like what I’ve seen out of Tori Gurley the last couple weeks. Neither of them has a real shot at making this team unless they prove they can hold their own on special teams. I’ve heard good things about Gurley’s play on the ST units over the past couple days (He’s blocked 3 punts in practice). I do think the Packers will keep a 6th WR this year. It’s just a matter of if West and/or Gurley play well enough on ST to unseat Swain. The point could be rendered moot if Swain can’t get healthy in camp.

Josh Gordy and Brandian Ross playing to beat out Pat Lee for the final roster spot at CB.

I’ve said it before. I’m not a fan of Pat Lee. He can run just fine, but he has issues actually playing the position of CB. I’ve just watched him get beat too many times. I’m hoping this preseason is the last for Lee with the Packers. Ross made a big splash on Family night, picking off an Aaron Rodgers pass and running it back for a touchdown. He also had a pick against the Cardinals (I hope he learns about taking a knee in the end zone).  Gordy’s seen playing time with the 1st team defense in the preseason games and done well with it. He had a pick, a sack and a PD against the Browns.

Jarrett Bush’s play at Safety. Is it good enough to allow the Packers to only keep 3 true safeties on the roster?

I love Jarrett Bush, I really do. I just don’t think he can play man to man corner in the NFL. He’s very good when he can face the ball as evidenced by the interception he made in the big game last year. He’s also a special teams demon which is something this team needs. He just doesn’t do well when he has to turn his back on the QB and run with a WR. I really think his best position is safety. But, if he can back up at both spots, that opens up another spot on the roster for Ross or Gordy.

What are you watching for in the Colts game Friday? Oh, don't forget to vote in the poll (guess who voted for Randy Wright).


  1. This is my first blog to read and I really liked it. I'm not sure Gurley actually got 3 blocked punts on practice or not. On WSSP 1250 Milwaukee Sports Radio they had said he got two but then realized that the second one was not him but either way he is making a splash. I think 6 receivers is a given the next question is how many TE's are they going to go with? They have like 6 as it sits now. But I like the blog if you don't already and have an iPhone get the WSSP 1250 app. The morning show is 6-9 and the evening show is 2-6p. Plus you can go on demand, see what each show covered that hour and listen to it commercial free.

  2. Hank, Thanks for reading! I think he had one earlier in camp as well.

    I'm sticking with my roster prediction that the Packers will keep 5 TE and only 1 FB. I think Quinn Johnson and Spencer Havner are the ones cut.

    I'll look into the WSSP app for sure. Being in Dallas I don't get to hear enough Packers news.

  3. I'm in Rockwall and love WSSP... Daily I pull it up on my laptop in my squad car and listen to it also. It was a daily morning addiction during the playoffs and the SB.. Great coverage!