Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Quick thoughts on the Season Opener Tonight

Mason Crosby's biggest fan is ready for tonight!  

I had every intention of making a big season prediction post guessing every game, but then I went on vacation over the weekend and it was all forgotten. Here's just a couple quick thoughts about te Saints game later tonight (I'll make the big season preview on Sunday while the rest of the games are on).

Look for a slow first half - I really think both offenses will struggle early on. There will be all the hype and energy from the pregame festivities and that could put both offenses out of synch. We'll have 2 of the top defensive minds gameplanning and I just see a lot of pressure in te first half. I would not be surprised to see a 7-3 score at the half. I think things will open up in the 2nd half though. I also think some early screen plays to Grant and Starks could open things up sooner.

Quarterback play will not decide the game - I think control of the game will boil down to which team can run the ball better. I'm talking in the range of 300 combined rushing yards for both teams. I give the Packers the edge in the running game but it's close. Mark Ingram was a great pickup for the Saints.

The Team with the best special teams play will win - I really think a big return late or a great deep punt will be the difference. I feel both teams are so evenly matched on offense and defense that special teams has to be where this game will be won or lost.

My pick for the game is Packer 24, Saints 20. Tim Masthay pins Brees deep with under 2 minutes and the defense holds on.


  1. Very interesting point of view. I never thought about the hype effecting the offenses like that. With that said the Pack played in SB XLV with twice the hype and did better in the first half really. So I think Pack start slow first series but get a fast score with the new no huddle. If BJ can get some push up the middle that should take away some of the middle if field helping with coverage. Run game will be more important for the Saints I think.
    I like your score! And really agree with special teams and Masthay being keys to the victory. I'm going Pack 27 Saints 24

  2. I'm thinking the Saints might take this one. One of the more interesting things that I'll be watching is how much the Saints offense has changed now that Sproles is in there for Bush.

    Along with that, how the teams match up against the opposing teams tight ends. This very well may be the best match-up of tight ends that the NFL is going to see all year. Some places are saying that CW is going to be handling Graham on a healthy amount of plays, but the only way I see that happening is if Colston isn't on the field/not being effective. Although, Lance Moore being out certainly gives the Packers more options.

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  4. Oh yeah, 27-24. Real close there Packerken. You almost had that one exactly!

    Also, that was NOT PI on Hawk. Thought that was a big missed call at a huge time.