Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thank You Skip Bayless

I know, I know. WTF am I thinking? Thanking Skip Bayless? Why would I do such a stupid thing? I dislike Skip just as much as the next Packers fan. He's a troll, plain and simple. I've been begging people to stop feeding him. So why am I saying thank you? I'll get there. But first, some of the tweets that get everyone so torqued off.

1. "All I'm saying about Packers: They don't have that 1 win vs. NE, Balt, Pitt, SF, .O., Dallas or any hot/healthy team that made me say wow." So, he's saying we didn't play the Saints the first week of the year I guess.

2. "You'd better believe I'm taking Tebow over ARodg in last 2 mins. I've SEEN Tebow do it again/again/again. ARodg hasn't had many chances." I was left speechless after this one.

3. "Kevin Smith lost early, more DB injuries, Hanson missed easy FG, Suh self-destructs - this season meant-to-be for Green Bay. More breaks!" Yep, they've caught every break. Nothing like the great breaks of losing one of your top DBs in the second game of the year, losing your long time LT for several weeks and having a starting DE miss more than half the season.

4. "For that matter, I dare Aaron Rodgers to try to convince me face to face how all-time great HE is. He's certainly arrogant enough to do so." This one angers me more than anything. Rodgers has never claimed to be anything. It's fans, the media and Rodgers own play (but certainly not his words) that have put him on the pedestal.

So, why do I say thanks to Skp? Simple. Rodgers himself has spoken about using falling in the draft and the fallout from trading Favre so Aaron could start as fuel to keep getting better. We as fans get to watch an 11-0 football team that still plays with a chip on their shoulder.  I truly believe that the naysayers like Skip are a big reason for it. So here's to hoping Skip can naysay Rodgers to the MVP and the Packers to the SUPER BOWL.


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